Hey, everyone! Welcome to FYS 1002: First Year Seminar, Expository Writing. The poet Theordore Roethke once wrote that we “learn by going where to go.” This semester, we are going both global and local, abroad and home, reading work by writers from the United States and around the world. We’ll turn our critical eyes on ourselves to examine who we are as learners and as users and producers of texts. We’ll work and write in groups and conduct primary research to examine questions about culture, such as How do our previous cultural experiences shape our understandings of literacy and texts? How do rituals and customs transform and sustain cultures? How are cultural values expressed, and how do we question them? What counts/is valued as work? How are gender, race, class, and other social markers involved in identity and language?

This website will serve as shared space this semester for students in all FYS 1002 courses (taught by Dr. Hauman or Mr. Wright). This is where you will find the syllabus, the daily schedule, assignment sheets, occasional updates, links to each other’s blogs (eventually), and more. Sometimes the blog posts on this main page will be co-authored by Dr. Hauman and Mr. Wright, and other times only one of us will write and publish a post. FYS 1002 classes won’t use Moodle this semester, but we will post a link to this website in our designated Moodle space just in case you forget the URL (we recommend you bookmark it).

We look forward to you all bringing your unique interests, passions, and curiosities to bear on all of the work we do, and we hope that will include your suggestions about ways we might alter and improve proposed readings and activities. No doubt, throughout this semester, you all will be reading and discussing interesting, relevant topics and texts in other classes and on your own; share those with the rest of us! We’d like for us all to support one another and play a part in creating a classroom environment that is characterized by rigorous, creative intellectual pursuits.


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