Small Writing Groups

After writing a draft of each of the 3 major essays, you will meet in Small Writing Groups (SWG) in order to give and receive feedback. Your SWG will include a couple students from your FYSE section and your FYSE professor, and it will also include a few students from the other 2 sections of FYSE, another FYSE professor, and a writing center consultant. Please do your part to make SWG conversations energetic, generative, and productive.


  1. Drafts of essays are due to the shared Google Drive folder at least 24 hours before your SWG (e.g., if you’re in the 9:30 group and meet on Wednesday, your draft is due by 9:30 on Tuesday).
  2. You must carefully read all of your SWG group mates’ papers and provide detailed, specific commentary in the peer response sheet, which will also be included in the shared Google Drive folder.
  3. You must come to your SWG ready to ask questions and have conversations about the assignment and to provide your group mates with feedback that will help them revise their essay.



  • Parker Yeary
  • Cam Lord
  • Jiechen Liu
  • Britt Mumford
  • Chase Caldwell


  • Destinee Smith
  • Malik Jackson
  • Alyson Bergman
  • Eder Sosa
  • Nick Breslin


  • Shelby Gransbery
  • Dalen Boyd
  • Joe Ryan
  • Cooper Cason



  • Justin Dodge
  • Jackson Fields
  • Pearl Udahemuka
  • Jie Ren
  • Hunter Wills


  • Paige DeBurger
  • Jackson Benitez
  • Sheila Blagogee
  • Samara Lyons
  • Mad Miles


  • Maddie Sjogren
  • Yaya Zhang
  • Logan Wiley
  • Paige Taylor
  • Kristen Hayes


  • Juncheng “Daniel” Zhang
  • Ganlin Yang
  • Jaime Rueda
  • Alex Petrocelli
  • Chetali Jhamnani


  • Anna Silva
  • Katherine Burns
  • Jie Yang
  • Logan Clark